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Climate Change Educational Tour

The Compass is partnering with Eco Diversified International to provide a Climate Change Tour. The tour intends to carry out the largest climate change movement in Nigeria to educate over 40,000 Nigerian university students by teaching them about climate change and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The Motive:

Sustainable Development Goals were created by the United Nations to solve the global problems that people face around the world. Climate change is one of the biggest threats to the existence of humans. Unfortunately, many climate advocates in Africa have witnessed that most African university students aren't even familiar with the term "climate change." Young people across Africa need to be aware about the crisis we are already experiencing so they can join in developing solutions as global leaders to solve complex problems.


The Goal: 

Students across Nigeria will be able to comprehend what SDGs are, gain knowledge about climate change, understand how to impact their communities in a valuable way, and develop activism skills such as leadership, public speaking, lobbying, project management, project implementation, project planning, and storytelling. This will help African youth become leaders in society to work towards combatting climate change.

The Process:

The tour is proposed to target university students age 16-35 across 10 institutions in Nigeria. The tour will span the Nigerian states of Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Kwara, Abuja, Kaduna, Portharcourt, Delta, and Cross River. 

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During the tour, climate advocates from within Nigeria and outside Nigeria will lead introductory sessions with students. They will be giving 2-hour presentations about the basis of climate change, along with adapting their presentation to fit the student's needs. The tour will also be donating waste bins and planting 100 trees at each university to support the #plant1000treesperyear project. 

After the initial presentation, Green Team Academy will be working with the students for a period of 90 days to develop skills in project management and help student implement their own climate projects. 

Once students have implemented projects in their communities, the top leaders will be selected as Sustainability Ambassadors to be mentored, trained, and supported by top activists and scientists around the globe to further support their projects. This will provide students opportunities for mentorship and project funding to scale their initiatives. 

Our Involvement:

The Compass will be working to fundraise for this initiative, provide educational resources for the 90-day online component of this project, and develop program evaluation tools. Anybody seeking to support this effort should do so by donating to the group using the form above.

Financial Overview: 

To review a program slide deck detailing the budget for the project, please click here to download it. 

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Eco Diversified International

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